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Product Selection

Choosing products refers to helping stores choose excellent products for operation, and creating popular products is the core of making them popular.


Marketing mainly involves marketing and management, product and brand promotion, etc.

Logistics Operations

Query the inventory status, loading and unloading capacity, circulation processing load, packaging capacity, distribution load, etc. on the shipment date

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  • Teacher qualifications
    Teaching resources are key

  • Practical teaching, help entrepreneurship
    Work on yourself

  • Industry millions
    Choose the right one and win half

  • Self-employed
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    Our online courses are flexible and students are free to study in their own time and space. There is no need to follow a fixed course arrangement, and you can freely master according to your own time and learning speed.

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    We provide professional customer support services to ensure that students' questions and problems in the purchase process are solved in a timely manner, and we will also follow up on the graduation of students to ensure that students' learning results can be successfully achieved.

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Gold medalLecturer team

Instructor Team

  • BUI HONG TRANG/ Cross-border e-commerce expert and lecturer

    Education: Bachelor degree from Peking University, China, master degree from National University of Singapore

  • NGUYEN MANH HOANG/ Cross-border e-commerce expert and lecturer

    Education: Bachelor's degree from Vietnam National University, master's degree from New York University

TraineeSuccessful case


  • Nguyen Van Manh

    Successful cases of novice cross-border e-commerce students:

    Background: A middle-aged Vietnamese man with no experience in cross-border e-commerce

    Goal: I hope to obtain a stable income through cross-border e-commerce and become a successful e-commerce entrepreneur

    Courses: Introduction to cross-border e-commerce, market research, product promotion, operation skills and other courses

    Effect: Under the guidance of the company's team of lecturers, Nguyen Van A successfully found a cross-border e-commerce brand that suited her. Through precise market research and product positioning, he found a competitive product and sold it on multiple cross-border e-commerce platforms. Through effective social media marketing and SEO optimization skills, his products have gained more and more customers and gained a good word of mouth. In just three months, he made $10,000 in sal

  • Chen Shi Fangying

    Background: A young Vietnamese woman who has worked in sales and customer service in the cross-border e-commerce industry

    Goal: We hope to achieve breakthrough and success in cross-border e-commerce industry by creating our own brand and products

    Courses: cross-border e-commerce product development, brand planning, marketing strategy and other courses

    Results: Under the guidance of lecturer Tran Thi C, Le Van D successfully developed an innovative cross-border e-commerce product and promoted it on independent websites. Through precise target customer positioning and social media marketing, his products quickly gained market recognition and reputation. In just four months, he reached $300,000 in sales and became the leader in the industry.


    Background: A young Vietnamese who used to work in a traditional trading business in his family business

    Goal: I hope to achieve personal wealth growth and career transformation through cross-border e-commerce

    Courses: Independent station construction, TK short video marketing, social media marketing, overseas promotion and other courses

    Effect: After one month of learning and practice, Nguyen Van B successfully set up his own independent site, which gained a large number of visitors and orders through TK short videos and social media. Independent station sales reached $500,000 in just 6 months.

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